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A Path to Connected Readiness

We just launched a new solution set designed to address the anticipation of the connected world to be provided in Smart Cities by the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT).   In discussions with leading thought leaders in a connected city, GARDANT is concerned about the following elements specific to this environment:

  1. Security of Device, Data and Distribution
  2. Power of Device and Collection elements and
  3. Systematic updating when needed

As a Leading Strategic Management Consulting firm GARDANT recognizes the overall power of this connected space but also has developed analysis and a base scorecard designed to provide direction across the 3 items above.

  • Cyber is a central concern that must be addressed proactively rather than reactively. Securing devices prior to a breach, securing the data prior to transmission and securing the distribution of that data after transmission is paramount to success across the enterprise.
  • Power sourcing, batteries, solar…wow, do we charge everything, do we store power like water or do we determine a natural way to power device whether large or small naturally.
  • How do you upgrade as needed? Obviously at connection time… How long to update before the device is required? Have you ever had your Android device update when you need to make a call and wait 5 minutes for all to happen…  Would this work in a traffic scenario, in a toll scenario or with a medical device connected to the patient?

Strategies are a must for these elements and you must have a path to Connected Readiness!

Construction and Infrastructure Contracts – Physical Meets Technology

We have all read about the Border Wall.  Prototype RFP Responses were due 4 April 2017.  The government is looking for new ideas solving old problems.  Borders once were lined with barbed wire and manned by guard towers…  Now we are looking at sensors and technology in addition to the physical structure.  This new era of border barriers now must embrace technology as much as the physical construction.

Opportunities will exist for government contractors in the areas of:

  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Technology including Sensors and data gathering elements
  • Lighting including LED and Low Voltage and
  • Many services …installation, maintenance, logistics, help desks and on and on and on!

The wall, the airports, the roads and more! If you are in the industry of building or servicing the builders you must be focused on tracking and bidding!

We can help!

Security Across The Government Should Be Your Target Market

Are you an Information Technology (IT) company, a Management Consulting firm, a Logistics Provider or a Construction company?  It does not matter your core competency or your delivery model, Security in Government is a Hot Market!






IT – Cyber Security, Professional Services, Managed Services, Hardware, Software it does not matter.  If you have an offering that changes the paradigm, changes the capabilities or changes the readiness you must be in front of the opportunities and bidding!

Management Consulting – Compliance, Security Gap analyses and any other ways that Subject Matter Expertise can participate.  It could be virtual as with technology, physical with guards, weapons and walls or even in policy relating to notifications, tracking and analysis including dissemination strategies for protection spanning Federal, State and Local jurisdictions.  HIPAA, FISMA, FED Ramp and more.

Logistics – How are thing being deployed and how are elements such as Supply Chain Management controlled / tracked.  Are you confident that your product, solution and / or services are consistent with Buy America and Hire America?  Logistics, distribution and deployment are major areas of concern and necessary confidence across the enterprise.

Construction – Who does the Design / Build?  How advanced is it?  Is security built into the aesthetics?  Does the construction firm consult with technologist not just for green/LEED certified buildings but for secure facilities in both physical access, ventilation and lighting?

Wow, quite the selection of security requirements.  Pick one, two or all four but select, choose, invest and sell.   The market is ready.  Are you?

GARDANT GLOBAL is a Strategic Management Consulting Company focused on the growth of businesses that sell to and assist with the securing of infrastructure, facilities and technology.


Strategic Acquisitions In Government Through SELLTOGOVERNMENT.COM

Projections under a Trump Administration are for increased spending in Infrastructure, Security and Defense

* If you sell infrastructure solutions you need to be in the government market. Construction, Lighting, Cabling and of course Fencing.
* If you sell technology, especially Cyber Security solutions you are needed
* If you sell Healthcare IT solutions you are needed at both Federal and State / Local entities
* If you sell American manufactured technology you are needed
* If you provide American Labor you are needed

SELLTOGOVERNMENT.COM, a GARDANT GLOBAL initiative, has solutions designed to increase your presence and sales in government contracting. We are ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certified with solutions and contracts ready for you.

Contact us as soon as possible to enter into this fast paced lucrative world. Small or Large we can help. With over $25B worth of Life Cycle contract awarded in 2016 for clients we are ready.