Consulting Services

Secure Direct Contracts’s consulting services provide your company with the strategy development resources and support that it needs to help your organization secure contracts to sell directly to the government or through partners.

As your partner, we help your business identify:

What is the market that you need to understand?

What prospects should your organization target?

Reach real achievement in sales and revenue from complex target markets’s consulting services help your business accomplish everything from:

    • Upfront Marketing
    • Business Development
    • Capture Management or Opportunity Identification
      • Capture Management is unique to the government because it’s the ability to capture a contract and add different partners. This allows for the putting together of a solution for the government, writing the proposal for the items themselves, and then securing that contract award for a contract to manage directly.
    • Qualification
    • Pursuit


If your organization needs a specific certification and the government allows that to be brought in with a teaming partner, and Gardant Global have the resources to:

    • Connect your business with a teaming partner
    • Negotiate a deal between the two companies
    • Put together the teaming agreements
    • Put together the subcontract agreements
    • Put it all together in a holistic bid and submit that to the government.

Success Securing
Government Contracts

$240 Billion

We’ve helped clients secure over $240 Billion worth of business in government contracts.

Why us?

At, we acknowledge that submitting government bids can be daunting. The entire process can take months of preparation with a dedicated team. While the rewards are tremendous, the work can tax your resources. We bring that expertise to everyday business professionals with three specific operating levels, each with its own level of information and opportunity portfolio.

What we do?

Preparing government contracts is simpler with our guidance and streamlined approach. Our specialists can provide the tools you need, including:

  • Research and analysis
  • Sample contracts 
  • Updates on current opportunities. 

We assist in the strategic development of your offerings, your personnel and your opportunity capture.

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