Product & Channel Partnership

Consulting Benefits Without Any Heavy Lifting’s Product and Partnership Delivery Services allows your business to work with an intermediate third party that will win you your contracts and never have to face any hassle. We work with Solaiya, a US Based, fast-growth Value-Added Research and Development (VAR&D©) partnership to represent your product as your distribution partner.

Let Us Do The Work For You

How We Work

  • Step One

    We begin by establishing a relationship with you and your business.

  • Step Two

    Once we decide this will be a beneficial partnership, we become the representative of your products and services in the government space directly.

  • Step Three

    Next, we will vet those products and services to make certain the product or service is applicable and appropriate for the marketplace.

  • Step Four

    Our Sales and Marketing Team will then actively work to secure contracts for those products and services, acting as your distribution partner of record.

  • Step Five

    As your distribution partner, we will buy the products or services and deliver them directly to the government.

Working with takes chances of risk and stress off of your table. We will carry your product. We will secure your product.

Why us?

At, we acknowledge that submitting government bids can be daunting. The entire process can take months of preparation with a dedicated team. While the rewards are tremendous, the work can tax your resources.

What we do?

Preparing government contracts is simpler with our guidance and streamlined approach. Our specialists can provide the tools you need, including:

  • Research and analysis
  • Sample contracts 
  • Updates on current opportunities. 


We assist in the strategic development of your offerings, your personnel and your opportunity capture.